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Cacao Tea: 400g

Cacao Tea: 400g

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Roasted Cacao nibs and husks for infusion.

Have you ever tried Cacao Tea? It’s the perfect alternative to tea and coffee with a light chocolate flavour which can be sweetened to taste. Full of antioxidants and containing Theobromine; a milder stimulant than caffeine.

Simply steep in hot water for a few minutes and strain, either through a tea strainer or filter paper.

Macros per 100ml, as prepared: 1 kCal / <0.5g Fat (of which saturates: <0.1g) / 0.34g Carbohydrates (of which sugars: <0.5g) / <0.5g Protein / <0.5g Fibre / 0.03g Salt

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